Is there any option to use intrinsic functions in QNX IDE similar to the way we use in Microsoft VC.

If you use -O2 ( optimisation option ) the compiler will decide which function is best to be put inline or not.


Thanks for your reply. but my concern is apart from using optimization levels,is there any option to use intrinsics like integer arithmetic intrinsics, floating point intrinsics, MMX,SSE,SSE2 intrinsics in our application. These are certain intrinsic sets that can be used in Microsft VC 6.0 & higher versions for optimization of DSP based applications in INTEL processors. My question is " Is there any similar set of intrinsics that are available in QNX IDE?"

GCC 4.2.X does have *intrin.h. I’ve seen some library ( NebulaMath ) that used these intrinsics.