QNX 6.1 and networking

i cant connect setup my network.
I have 2 computers, one (Mandrake 9.1) is a gateway with Shorewall, the other is QNX 6.1.
the default gw is set up as
qnx is
route is added
ifconfig en0 is up and setup
resolv.conf is set up for dns

QNX : ping is OK
QNX : ping says HOST IS DOWN
Mandrake 9.1 : ping is OK
Mandrake 9.1 : ping HOST IS UNREACHABLE

Please Help me

NIC driver does not working properly, or maybe wrong netmask.

Use “ifconfig” on both QNX & Mandrake to make sure netmask is
matching. Use “nicinfo” on QNX to see if nic driver working properly.

ifconfig on Mandrake 9.1 :
inet adr
ifconfig -A en0 on QNX 6.1 :
net mask 0xffffff00
nicinfo on QNX: seems correct (what is the essential information ?)
The PC with QNX has others OS :
Windows 98
Mandrake 9.0
With these OS : network and internet connexion are OK.
Thank you for your Help

This the result of nicinfo on QNX 6.1
3C509-TPO Revision B Ethernet Controller
Physical Node ID … 0020AF CD9C3D
Current Physical Node ID … 0020AF CD9C3D
Media Rate … 10.00 Mb/s half-duplex UT
MTU … 1514
Lan … 0
I/O Port Range … 0x210 → 0x20F
Hardware Interrupt … 0x3
Promiscuous … Disabled
Multicast … Enabled

Total Packets Txd OK … 0
Total Packets Txd Bad … 0
Total Packets Rxd OK … 9
Total Rx Errors … 0

Total Bytes Txd … 0
Total Bytes Rxd … 0

Tx Collision Errors … 0
Tx Collisions Errors (aborted) … 0
Carrier Sense Lost on Tx … 0
FIFO Underruns During Tx … 0
Tx deferred … 0
Out of Window Collisions … 0
FIFO Overruns During Rx … 0
Alignment errors … 0
CRC errors … 0

Thank you

Can’t see anything is wrong. The Tx number on Nicinfo showes 0
may be a problem.

If you do several ping, does the Tx number growing ?

Initial values of nicinfo before ping :
Total packets Txd OK 0
Total packets Rxd OK 1
Total bytes Txd 0
11 packets transmitted 100% loss
Total packets Txd OK 5
Total packets Rxd OK 11
Total bytes Txd 210
8 packets transmitted 100% loss
Total packets Txd OK 10
Total packets Rxd OK 18
Total bytes Txd 420
8 packets transmitted 100% loss
Total packets Txd OK 15
Total packets Rxd OK 24
Total bytes Txd 630
and so on

Thank very much for your help

BIOS of the PC with QNX 6.1
port serie 1 COM 1 IRQ 4
port serie 2 COM 2 IRQ 3

I have disabled port serie 2, and all work fine:
ping , internet connexion via the gateway (Mandrake 9.1).

Good bye and thank you.