How to read disk with QNX3.21 format under QNX6.x OS

I have a data disk with QNX3.21 format, it can be mounted in QNX3.21 OS.

I want to copy the files in the QNX3.21 format disk to a DOS format disk, however, I can not mount a DOS disk in QNX3.21 OS.

So, I try to mount the QNX3.21 format disk on a QNX6.1 OS machine, I try “mount -t qnx4 fd0 /mnt/floppy” and “mount -t qnx2 fd0 /mnt/floppy” , but failed.

My Question:

1 How to mount a QNX3.21 format disk on QNX6.1 OS?

2 How to mount a DOS format disk on QNX3.21 OS?

Where can I download the QNX4 OS software?

QNX4 is NOT free. You have to buy it.

QNX 2 (even it is called 3.21, it is actually QNX2) has some DOS supports.

so looks like DFS will work for you.

I run dfs under QNX3.21 OS , the command line is :

$ dfs start a=1

the system prompt: “Unable to create DFS administrator task–Administraor Program not found”

pls kindly tell me whether I must have the root administrator right to run the utility dfs.

And how to get the administrator right?


dfs is a licensed product. maybe you don’t have the license installed?

there is a free mtools that people use to read/write DOS floppies in other Unix. see this for details:

JC has ported mtools to QNX2 and you can download it from quics: