Adaptive Partitioning debug partition problems

I’m playing with Adaptive Partitioning for the first time on a pxa270 target.

As a first task I’d like to set up a debug partition so a user can telnet and log into a heavily loaded target.

A debug partition was set up : aps -b10 DevDebug

Then io-net and inetd are launched into the DevDebug partition.

pidin sched shows that io-net and inetd are running in the new partition.

After telneting into an unloaded system pidin shows that telnetd and sh are also assigned to the new partition.

But… when the system is heavily loaded we cannot telnet into the target. If we telnet into an unloaded target, then apply the load, the shell becomes unresponsive until the system again becomes unloaded.

It sort of seems like AP isn’t working. I thought that maybe the flash driver and inflator needed to also be in the new partition so commands could be loaded from flash, but shouldn’t those threads inherit the new partition?

I would have expect inflator and the flash driver to indeed inherit the priorities. You could use the system profiler to analyze the behavior.

It would be best to post this in the QNX Project forums at Foundry27 ( - the APS kernel guy doesn’t read OpenQNX to my knowledge…

Thanks, I’ve been exchanging email with standard support about this. No joy yet.

Try the forum on foundry27 it’s surprisingly responsive !

OK, posting over there now. Thanks.