Download Source Code

I am using the following command with my myQNX userid inserted in the specified place to download the source code:
svn checkout --username

However I am getting an error message saying

svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/svn/repos/coreos_pub/trunk’
svn: PROPFIND of ‘/svn/repos/coreos_pub/trunk’: could not connect to server (

I do not have a direct connection to the internet. The connection is through a proxy server. Is that the cause of the problem or is it something else? Please help.

Actually I fixed the above problem by modifying my proxy settings in the servers file in ~/.subversion

Now after I ran the command for checking out the svn repository, I was asked for my password. I think I typed the wrong password though and then it gave me an error. Every time after that whenever I run the svn checkout command, the message I get is:

svn checkout --username

svn: REPORT request failed on ‘/svn/repos/coreos_pub/!svn/vcc/default’
svn: REPORT of ‘/svn/repos/coreos_pub/!svn/vcc/default’: 400 Bad Request (

Is this because of the wrong password I typed or is it just some server problem? Please help.