startup program: boot_args

Can someone please give me a detailed description of how the boot_args structure comes into the IFS? Startup library source code (_main.c) says that mkifs fills it in, is that hard-coded or is mkifs grabbing some pre-compiled code snippets from disk? Where from? What is the location of the boot_args object in the image? Many thanks!


You should ask this in the Foundry27 forums (either the BSP project or the CoreOS project) - the mkxfs guy doesn’t frequent OpenQNX to my knowledge.

Are you using the Momentics IDE? If yes then the startup arguments can be set within the QNX System Builder editor. Use the editor on your project.bld (or whatever it is called in your case) and then within the properties view for your image you will find the parameter Startup arguments. You can set them there.
Hope this helps.