Booting from a linear device

I’m using QNX 6.2.1 on a PowerPC target.

I’ve got embedded flash rom on memory 0xfe00.0000 - 0xffff.ffff
Ram is located on 0x0000.0000 - 0x0040.0000

When I boot QNX the IPL completely loads itself into ram instead of only the startup. So it’s eating up most of the ram.

I’ve already out commented the image_setup(image) line, but at that moment qnx doesn’t load.

I would like to run QNX and all programs from flash (got plenty of it) and use ram for only necessary things.

[code]#include “ipl.h”

int main(void);

unsigned int image;
int main(void)
// locate the image
// Image is located at 0xfe000000
// copy startup to ram, it will perform any necessary work on the image
// setup link register and jump to startup entry point

return 0;


Make sure image_setup doesn’t copy into ram ( it might do some other setup that is required that i"m not aware of). Also you image but be setup properly to run from ROM (XIP).