Router & shaper

New’m using qnx.
I want to ask whether a good idea to use qnx for traffic router?
What firewall is used, has there iproute2 functionality of linux for traffic shaper?
Thanks in advance!

It depends on your goal. If it’s about learning then I believe it’s a good idea. If it’s for simplicity then it’s not a good idea. As far as I know you will not get any benefit from using say Linux.

Thanks for the comments.
For quite responsible router shaper (which carry traffic around or slightly more than 500 megabits) currently use linux platform.
I have enough knowledge to pass on unix - freebsd, solaris etc, and to build on their system, in terms of device pooling hold as a feature.
But my question is whether qnx as real time operating system, does not possess advantages that would contribute to better management and use of not so expensive hardware that is needed in my observations in increased traffic.
Notice that as derivative of unix, qnx used unix tools as ipf, pf and so on.
Likely be used routed, and natd too.
Also, my question actually is so whether the management of these processes seems as if freebsd or more complex mechanism?
At some point, the use of radically different and more complex OS will make render changing of environment unduly.
Again, thank you in advance!

Sorry I don’t have the knowledge to help you there. Ask me about QNX, but I have never used Linux/freebsd/netbsd etc so I can’t really make a valid comparison.

OK, thanks, my question is what are the observations with QNX in such terms that describe as real time operating system, but it will have to establish with test. :slight_smile: