Has somebody heard about djgpp or dpmi function? Can i use that under QNX? :frowning: :frowning:

DJGPP is a compiler suite, not a function. And DPMI is a DOS thing - what are you trying to do?

I got a program which can be compiled under UNIX and a package named djgpp.

What i want to do is compile the program under QNX , can i do that?

Thanks for replying.

The djgpp is probably unecessary as QNX comes with it’s own set of tools. As for the program itself it’s impossible to say without more information. Could be a simple recompile or a major rewrite.

The DPMI I know of is a hardware specification that lets you view hardware status such as fan speed, temperature of a computer, and to do some control, such as shutdown or startup. The hardware is usually found in upper end servers. There are a few common specifications 2.0 being the latest that I know of. There is open source for control along with a number of commercial venders.

I worked on a project to port the open source to QNX a while ago. It was ugly but mostly it worked. The real issue had to do with controlling DPMI from inside a computer. Usually you connect to it via your Ethernet ports. One route I looked at was something called a Key interface. I looked into writing a QNX driver but never followed through.

THanks for you guys replying.

Maybe it cann’t work under QNX.