QNX 6 and APIC

As I knew that Windows XP support APIC (Advanced Progrmmable Interrupt Controller). Therefore, you will see IRQ from 16 to 23. However, for some hardware there is only IRQ 0-15 in QNX 6.

Does it mean QNX does not support APIC? Can I enable it to allow more IRQs?

It means that QNX 6 does not support APIC

The startup-bios meantion that it handles “determining the address of the local and I/O APIC”.
qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3. … h/smp.html

That is why I wonder how to enable IRQ16-23.

Hello Asmart,
If you wish to experiment, please try “-Lâ€

Is the “-L” a undocument option ? I try but without luck.

I change the build script from “startup-bios -v -D8250…115200 -K8250…115200”
to “startup-bios -L -v -D8250…115200 -K8250…115200”
However verifing through “pci -v”, I did not see any IRQ from 16 to 23.

I’m not sure (don’t know much about APIC) but I don’t think that can work. Assuming the -L option does works it would mean the QNX pci server would need to take over all of the resource allocation which by default is done by the BIOS. The BIOS can’t assume the OS is APIC aware, as such i guess it will not allocated any “non standard” resources.

I am also interesting about it.

But why ysinitsky say about “-L” option?

-L enables the APIC interrupts - for example the performance counter overflow interrupt

Where did you guys see the “-L” parameters for startup-bios?
Is it for QNX 6.4.0?

I use QNX 6.3.2 but without such parameter available.

It’s undocumented, for some reason. It was present in 6.3.2 as well