how to activate my QNX6.3.2?

sorry my qnx can’t connect to internet,so I want to know where can i get the reply key.

The Reply Key here in the forum is to the bottom left of this post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess you want activate your product as you stated in the topic? In your backend (user-login backend) there is an option to register and activate products. you will need to send them a checksum and they will send you the corresponding activation key.

So what reply key are you looking for?

the activate prompt key is:enQF-dgQQ-D4U0-TcCW-L7O±o5UG-+g2d-0vVX-jRXy-M5v5-bTgp-i9i8-70HC-k5id-ae3w-aUU=