QNY 6.4


I am a newbie in QNX. I installed QNX on a x86. I need some howto’s to configure:

  1. ssh
  2. dns server
  3. ftp server
  4. mail server sendmail
  5. time server
  6. webs erver

I asked google and I read the online help, but there are not enough information for me. I hope you can help me.

with regards kleinman

Setting up a dns server is a fairly complicated ordeal, and has little to do with QNX. The source to dns should be readily available, and compiling it under QNX should not be a problem.

If you start inetd you should have an ftp server. You might have to edit inetd.conf to turn it on. If you want to have an anonymous ftp server, that is a bit more complicated.

sendmail is similar to dns, but not quit as complicated if you don’t dig too deep.

I don’t know what a time server is, do you mean ntp?

There’s a variety of web servers that you can run with QNX. Getting Apache to run is a little involved, but using pkgsrc its somewhat easier. The big issue with Apache is what modules do you want it to run with. In the case of PHP, there is an additional layer of complication in that there are quit a few options you might be interested in.

Being a very long time QNX user myself, I can understand why someone similar might want to get all this running on QNX, but if you are newbie, why not just install Linux?