PgDrawString/Text vs phs-to-ps

This seems to be a common problem with not necessarily a lot of resources to resolve it. Running into font printing issues for Central to Eastern European fonts: Polish, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, and Hungarian.

Even though I am interested in ways to resolve these issues (possibly with a new font map), I guess I am more interested in the difference between how fonts are rendered graphically for PgDrawString/Text vs how phs-to-ps operates. I ask this because graphically things look fine on the Photon GUI, but are rendered as bitmaps in the ps file due to the above mentioned font issues.


I don’t know if this will help much, but when you convert text to postScript you get a text description including the font name. If you then try to print the postScript file on a printer that doesn’t have the font you wanted you can run into trouble. The printer will try to substitute an appropriate font, but that may not be to your liking. It is possible to upload fonts to a postScript printer, but I don’t think Photon will help much in this area.

I wish it was simply a printer not having the font problem. This is strictly phs-to-ps rendering the characters as bitmaps, before it is sent to the printer. However, it seems peculiar to me that Photon can inherently know how to display these problematic languages and yet phs-to-ps processes them incorrectly.


AFAIK, phs-to-ps does not pre-rasterize font strings into bitmaps by default. Looking at the code, it does seem to kick back to the rasterizer if it cannot find a cross-reference in the fontmap for the font currently being processed. So my guess is that it finds a match, but the same glyphs are not available in the font on the printer …