QNX - lpsrvr & lpd; Experts please help

Here is one for the experts…

We are using QNX 425. We have a high speed printer that goes through the /usr/spool/lpd.
To start print service we have /etc/printcap and we start the print services with with lpsrvr -f <print.config>, then lpd.

The output defined in the printcap file is the following:

The sin output is the following

//4/usr/spool/output# sin | grep lp
12665 //4/NFS/usr/bin/lpsrvr 10 RECV 0 36k 188k
23948 //4//4.25/usr/ucb/lpd 10 RECV 21931 26k 36k
23949 //4/
/4.25/usr/ucb/lpd 10 REPLY 93 26k 65k


Print Services are started and the other printers on the QNX are operational.

issue print job to the system as an lp -P .

The printer does not print the job. I can shut down the print services…then start the lpsrvr and lpd services, the QNX will print out the file on the printer.

Any hypothesis???