how to move the cursor on the screen


Is there a simple way to move the cursor in the console tab, like moveto(x,y), gotoxy(int, int), …functions in other languages ?


Not sure if the curses library has been ported to QNX6 but that’s what I’d be looking for.

You should try term_printf ().

The header is /usr/include/sys/qnxterm.h

And the library… humm… in QNX6 it seems that changes its name but, look somthing like term

I did it once but in QNX 4.25 where the lib was: termlib3r.lib

Good luck

Juan Manuel

The qnx term stuff was deprecated in QNX4 and isn’t even documented in qnx6 AFAIK, although there is a libtermqnx.a library.

If you have some QNX2 or QNX4 documentation maybe you could give it a try.

mh, another option would be to set the term to ansi and use the ansi sequences, this is how we did it in 4.25

If you can find it, you might want to look at the source to qed because it probably uses the qnx term stuff.