Where is mig4nto?


I’m going to port some QNX 4.2.x code to QNX 6.3.2. I have seen many references to the mig4nto porting tool, and have followed many links - but I haven’t found where mig4nto is located. Is it part of QNX 6.3.2? Is it a separate product that must be purchased?

Any help greatly appreciated!

You can get the source to mig4nto as part or the source code available on foundry27.

Hi Mario,

Thanks for the info. As I recall, you were quite helpful in answering some questions of mine a couple of years ago - before my QNX hiatus! :slight_smile: Very much appreciated!

Are you saying I’m old? Lol!

Of course not, Mario. I’m saying you’re experienced and helpful!