Problems with Geode LX 800 graphics

we have a problem with the Geode LX 800 graphics:
When using driver delivered with SP3, the PC freezes (i.e. when using pidin too many times).
There is a patch that should solve these problems, but it won’t work.

After applying the patch and changing the io-graphics call to
io-graphics -dlx800 vid=0x1022,did=0x2081,index=0,photon,xres=1024,yres=768,bitpp=16 -pphoton

(as descirbed here:,
the driver produces an output that seems to have the right resolution, but only 1/4 of the screen is visible on the monitor. I can move the mouse to the right and to bottom (like moving around on a 1024x768 screen), but the screen isn’t visible.

We also tried the manual configuration of the pixel clock by using the geode.conf (call: io-graphics -dlx800 vid=0x1022,did=0x2081,index=0,photon,xres=1024,yres=768,bitpp=16,mode_opts=/usr/photon/config/geode.conf -pphoton), but it’s the same.

That is very annoying because using the old driver hangs up the system and using die vesabios is much too slow (even scrolling in a text document produces a feeling like using Windows Vista… :slight_smile: )