unable to start Poulsbo graphic...

Hi all,

My graphic card is Poulsbo. While booting up, the system just dies.
The screen turns not only white or black but with many colors.
I’ve looked into two files…

  1. /etc/system/enum/devices/graphics
    This file includes the following lines. I don’t see any problems.
    device(pci, ven=8086, dev=8108)
    start/wait( dispconf -i “0x$(ven),0x$(dev),$(index)” -d poulsbo -g “xres=800,yres=600” )
    requires/wait( $(IODISPLAY_CMD), )
    mount(-Tio-display “vid=0x$(ven),did=0x$(dev),deviceindex=$(index)” )

  2. /usr/bin/ph
    In this script file, while running io-graphics, the system dies.

I can’t find any discussion on internet. No one talks this graphic card.
Please tell me if you have any suggestions.