QNX 6.4 -> 4.25 remote desktop access


We have licenses for both OS’es. Althought not yet able to configure 4.25’s network settings, we would like to control our QNX 4.25 remotely.

My question: Is it possible to access 4.25 from 6.4 using any tool? (An alternative VNC tool or Phindows a-like program). Has anyone successfully accessed on their QNX 4 desktop?

Thank you.

Phditto is probably your friend.

Thanks for your response Mario.

I will try Phditto once I configured QNX 4.25’s network settings. Will I have to run any daemon on 4.25 to access it using this tool?

inetd must be running and it must be defined in /etc/inetd.conf. I think by default the definition for phrelay, which is the server phditto talks to, is commented out from /etc/inetd.conf.

If you do QNX4 to QNX4 you don’t need TCP/IP as phditto/phrelay can use QNX native network protocol, but under QNX6 only TCP/IP is supported

First I am going to test phditto using two QNX 6 machines. Later on I will use QNX 6-to-4 access combination. In any case we will have to use TCP/IP since our QNX 4 machines will be located in remote places.

I could not manage to talk two QNX 6 (One is on Vmware and the other has booted up using the live dvd. Tested bidirectionally -from vmware to live dvd, and live dvd to vmware.) I was not even able to remote access neither my winXP nor linux machines. In the other method, since it is necessary to make a change in inetd.conf (live dvd boot - files are read-only) file I could not succeed in this step, too.

My next attempt is to create one hard QNX 6 installation which later we will use a host to access our QNX 4 platform.

The live dvd doesn’t setup QNET nor does it start inetd. It used dhcp though so you should be able use ping. Make sure vmware is setup in bridge networking mode.

I have successfully managed to talk two QNX 6.4 machines using phditto tool. Would you please show how to start “inetd” service during the system boot up?

My next move is to configure the QNX 4.25 network settins that was installed on my laptop. Fortunately while spending some time on QNX web-site I have come across a patch that contains drivers for our Broadcomm 5702 network adaptor. We have licensed copy of TCP/IP v5.0 stack on 4.25. I am hoping to resolve QNX 6->4 access issue sooner.

Once again, thank you for sharing your valuable comments.

in your netstart.NODE# file add :

the config file is named inetd.conf and sits in /etc/

the above goes for QNX V4; for V6 the inet daemon sits in /usr/sbin/

I could not find netstart file in QNX 6.40 to initiate inetd daemon.

Could you please once again point where this files locates in 6.40?

Maybe no one is there. Try with find / -name “netstart”.

You can create, for example, a rc.netstart file in /etc/rc.d/ and call it from rc.local. You can run inetd (or io-net, mount drivers, etc) from there.

Is just one possibility.

Juan Manuel

I have added /usr/sbin/inetd entry into the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit and after a reboot happily phditto to the other QNX machine.

Thanks for the heads up again.

Don’t modify rc.sysinit. It’s a “system file”, future update could overwrite that file. Instead create the file rc.local and start inetd from there.

I made necessary changes on my system to reflect what you advised.

Thanks again.