Philosophical question

The thing that I don’ like about winter is not the cold or snow but the reduced amount of sunlight. At it’s shortest, I wake up it’s dark and I get out of work at 5pm and it’s dark.


Sadly that same problem exists in the warm weather climates too. We get a little more sunlight than you in the winter but not much and a little less in the summer.

On the plus side it’s still light here till 5:30PM but on the negative side I never ever get out of the office that early!


White xmas… he-he… I recently returned from my xmas vacation spent in Republica Dominicana. That was better xmas ever :slight_smile: I think it is harder to live in harsh cold climate. I believe we have much more deadly cold places on the planet Earth than places where one can’t survive because of extremely heat. However, hard is not sinonym for bad. It’s harder but I like the way as it is here in Canada.
Apparently while being in tropics I was puzzled why the day light is so short. I asked local guy if that’s because of winter and he said there is no big difference between winter and summer. My spanish is not good, so I was not sure we understood correctly each other. But now I see, the day light is indeed just a little longer than here in Toronto during winter, and probably we have longer day in summer as a compensation. Perhaps the difference is more dramatic in woods up north where Mario lives :slight_smile:


-32C or -23F at 7am this morning. That’s without the wind factor, but it’s not windy this morning.

It was interesting to watch how discussion switchs from one philosophical question to another… :slight_smile: LOL!


It all has to do with the tilt of the earth. At the equator (running through south america) they always receive exactly 12 hrs of daylight winter or summer. The further away you go from the equator, the more/less light you get in the summer/winter. This reaches it’s apex at the poles where you get 24 hrs of light in the summer and 24 hrs of darkness in the winter.

There is one other man made factor that comes into play. That is where you are located in your timezone. In other words, if you say live in the Eastern Time Zone you’ll be aware it runs from the Atlantic provinces to the western edge of Ontario. Now if you live in the Atlantic provinces it probably gets dark at say 5:00 where in western Ontario it gets dark at 5:40. But then it gets light earlier in the Atlantic provices than in western Ontario. This is totally because we don’t splice that 1 hr zone into individual minutes but instead use crude chunks of hours.

Brrrr. I hope you plugged in your car! It was a very chilly 10C here in South Florida this morning and I put on a sweater for the first time this winter. :slight_smile:


Car is in the garage, which I keep at 4C (24F). That being said car is a Honda with synthetics oils, -30C is a no problem :wink:

I once had to go work really up north ( 7 hours north of Montreal ), the guy over there warned me about extreme cold they were having and to not take it lightly. When I got out of the hotel in the morning, after walking about 20 steps I could hear my coat starting to crack!!. When I open the door of the car, the sound was that like of class being broken. The car started fine ( it was plug-in) but it took about 1km for the tire to become round again… The local guy I worked with came in late, the brakes on the back wheels of his pickup truck were frozen.

Apparently weather and time are very philosophical matter

I think we can suggest people to adopt just a unique time (UTC-00 for example) for the whole world. In fact, the line time is just one. Then depending the offset to Greenwich we should change our time habits. For example we should wake up at 9 PM (when it is dawning), go to work at 10 PM, and go to bed at 11 AM. :smiley:

Now i live in Germany and its freaking cold here. But i prefer it to have a cold winter and a warm summer.
Actually nothing minds me with it, i do have my flat at a constant temperature and we do have a “Artificial Sun” called Light :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I just get a few times out of my flat or work, but i already learned really warm and cold regions in the world.
As already said, i like a winter with -10C to -20C and a summer up to 40C, guess i got used to :slight_smile:

I prefer a constant 28C all year all time, day, night, winter, summer. Is possible!!! It exist!!!.. I lived in such a paradise like that… I remember leaving work at 7 PM and go directly the club, and go to swim for a while… every day of the year… We used to go to the caribbean beaches every 2 or 3 month… every weekend we want, no matter when… I really miss that… old times

I’m from Argentina and we have some winters with -6C -10C and very windy… and I hate to wake up frozen and the warm clothes are not made for me…

Now I’m in Monterrey and is not so cold… but I still hate temperatures under 15C…

well… talking about philosophical things…

The hottest place I’ve been has been the Sahara which was 130F in the shade. When we had a breeze there was a wind heat factor. That’s right wind made it hotter. It was dry, but felt like I was walking around in an oven. The coldest was a little north of Winnepeg in the middle of winter. It was -40F but the wind chill probably brought it down 10-20.

 The choice for me is easy.   Cold hurts.   When it stops hurting you've lost fingers and toes and are close to death.   Heat is uncomfortable.   You have to watch out for dehydration and too much sun and you can't get anything done, but it is not painful.

I think extreme heat kills brain cells, lol!

I think so too, i cannot be productive the time water rushes down the body…
And yes, the hottest place for me has been Dubai Palme Exhibition setup, something like 50C+ in the exhibition hall during setup time, one hour 1-2l water.
As soon as you get out the burning sun on dark hairs… I felt a bit uncomfortable, but i also would have no problem living there, we (mankind) gets used to everything,
even slavery (of mony/taxes/whatever)

Was in Georgia State 3 hours south of Atlanta last summer. When walking from the two building I had to work at, I could feel the energy being zap out of me by the heat. My body is telling me to shutdown, stop moving to generate as little heat as possible. While here at home, at -10C i can go outside shuffling snow , wearing two layers of thin clothing and still work out a sweat! My genetic prefers a cold environment ;-)