Running QNX 4 application in PHOTON


I’m trying to run an application developed in QNX4 in PHOTON. This application has an user interface with some windows and I doesnt work properly in Photon. What should I modify in order to make my application compatible?

Thank you

What do you mean with this? Are you talking about some windows created by appbuilder.

It’s build timer error or runtime error?

Since he tries to run it, i guess runtime, but it is still not enough information.
What does not run? How far is the app running? Did you try debugging your app?
Is it built with appbuilder (PhAB)? what error message is seen trying to run it from photon console?

Because he states “has an user interface with some windows”, and it is in Qnx4, maybe the application is Qnx Windows, and therefore it can’t run in photon.