Problem with running QNX4 on Vmware Workstation 6.5.1

I’m able to install QNX on VMware with no problems. But after installation finishes and tells me to remove the disk and reboot, QNX locks up at the ‘QNX loader’ screen. I added a screenshot of that screen. Does anyone know what might be wrong? Thanks in advance!

Make sure your VM doesn’t have a floppy.

Thanks for the reply Mario. I reinstalled creating a new VM making sure I didn’t include a floppy, then installed qnx again, but I’m getting the same result. Is there anything lese you think might be a problem?

Hi teleqnx,

Can’t you post a screen shot of the VM’s definition?

Hi, sorry for not getting back sooner. By definition, do you mean the settings?


i have installed QNX4.25 on vmware Worksstation 6.5 successfully and working very fine with photon also up. Can you breif what was the settings you have selected in vm workstation like while creating virtual image for qnx 4?


Hi teleqnx,

It appears that the operating system was not installed properly.

Have you seen the installation done completely? (see pictures attached)
Have you entered well the licenses during the installation?

You may start a shell prompt after booting from the CD and verify that you are able to mount the partition T77. So, you will see if all have been installed correctly.