Compact Flash mount problem

hi all,

I am having a QNX bootable Compact Flash. and have to copy a build file to that CF. So i am trying to mount CF in Neutrino, but the message says
“mount:Possible reason:Resource busy”.
I need to know that whether it is possible to mount QNX bootable CF and copy the file to CF?
please help me…


Yes it is indeed possible to mount CF drives under QNX and copy files to them. I am assuming that the CF is not your primary drive on this machine since you want to copy files to it.

What version of QNX are you running?

If you do a ‘df’ command do you see 2 hard drives (your main boot drive and the CF drive)? If you do, it’s possible the drive is already mounted by QNX and you don’t need to mount it which is why you get the busy error.


My QNX verision is 6.3.2. Yes by df command i can see 2 hard drives. By mounting CF i thought i can copy the files to CF.Is it possible to directly copy the file to bootable CF?

If you see the two hardrive with df that means the second is most probably already mounted. Check under /fs/.