QNX 3.21 on failing hard drive - image won't boot


how did you image the dd image to the vmdk the first time?

Although this now is solved somehow…

Maybe your imager messed it up or you might have to change the disk controller type that vmware emulates. It’s not all and everything about disk geometry.

Last time I rescued, converted and started a image it was not that much of a problem.

Why do you run qnx inside of vmware? It’s not going to be realtime that way, is it? If vmware won’t do - there are plenty equivalent virtualisation solutions out there. one might just boot it with no extra efforts.


Another approach would be to use a good boot loader and try what’s possible. What would happen if you utilize grub or something to boot your partitions when your BIOS fails to boot it.

Install your ubuntu to your 10 GB hdd and put your 20 GB (with 2GB image dd to it) and set up grub to show the options to boot up the old stuff on your image.

Post some working config files if you succeed with it ;)