Labview and/or Labwindows/CVI on QNX 6.4


National Instruments lists two different products that I think well be used in connection with QNX 6, they are Labview and Labwindows/CVI real-time modules. In addition to this there is a embedded SDK for Labview.

Is there any users or developers around to clarify my understanding? Can we deploy application of these packages to QNX RTOS?

Thank you.

Our QNX based instruments communicate with LabView all the time, but LabView always runs on a Windows host and controls the meter over rs232, USB or GPIB links. Never heard of QNX hosted labview.

National Instruments has the “NI Measurement Hardware DDK (Driver Development Kit)”, it’s a tool that permits developing drivers for NIDAQ (PCI primarly). In case of QNX it’s given for free in source code form.

It’s a little hard to get around NI-speak to figure out exactly what this package is for.

Is it just to develop drivers for NI hardware?

That’s not something we’d have used in any products to-date but good to know about. Sometimes we do small custom jobs for customers with special requirements.

Ken, I believe that the labview thingy allows you to run Labview applications (the funky graphical programming language) on QNX nodes. It is very cool, if your into that sort of thing. There are also drivers for the NI boards…

I still didn’t get whether we can run Labview applications natively on QNX or do we still need a Windows sitting next to the QNX system?

Any comments on this?