Installing and configuring Samba in QNX 6.3.2

How to install and configure samba in qnx 6.3.2, where can i get the samba package and how can i install it. Please let me know the steps to download,install,configure samab on QNX 6.3.2.

Praveen Peddi


You can get Samba from the QNX 3rd party repository via the package installer. In QNX select Launch->Installer.


Scroll down to Samba and install it.

To configure Samba, it’s best you buy a book on it. Something like the OReilly book ‘Using Samba’. That explains everything you need to know. The relevant QNX directories are /usr/local/samba and /etc/samba.



Thanks for your reply!!!

I’ve downloaded it and installed on QNX but it created some files and folders in /opt and nothing has been copied to /etc while installing. If you dnt mind could you please guide me how to install and configure samba.

Praveen Peddi.


I was able to setup samba and access thru windows, But now i’ve ran in to new problems, My inetd dosent starts afgter configuring samba and restarting the server.

when i say /usr/sbin/inetd it comes out cleanly with out any error,bnut inetd dosent start …

Please help me out in fixing this


check if a port in inetd.conf defined is already in use by samba

generally it should run if there are no errors, did u “ps -A | grep inetd”?

You can also do a ‘netstat -a’ to see what services are listening on what ports.

So I’d stop samba and inetd then run netstat -a. Then start each one individually and run netstat -a. Then determine if there are any conflicts

I run inetd and samba on their default setups and don’t have any issues with either one.


Hi Tim,

I had copied the inetd.conf file from working server to the new server and restarted the inetd and now its working fine.

Thanks for your replies guy’s …