supress printing of burst page header

Hi all again,

I am trying to suppress the printing of the burst page header for lpr (version 6.3.2) and I have found that the :sh: option does not work.

I cannot use the -h option on lpr as I am not in control of when lpr is spawned is there any other way to suppress the printing of the burst page header?



mh, the :sh: statement should work in /etc/printcap

But are you sure you are using lpr?

Check spooler

I have tried the :sh: statement and it does not work.

I am sure I am using lpr as I am testing it using the lpr command from the command line.

Edit: The option I seem to be forced with right now is to write a shell script that replaces the lpr command which when run, runs a copied version of lpr (e.g. lpr2) with all the passed parameters and -h as well. Which I also do not want to do.