corrupt QNX V4.25 filesystem

this harddisk contains a QNX filesystem which was originally installed under V4.25
I start the computer with my QNX V6.21 CD an I can see the original filesystem under /fs/hd0-qnx. one of the folders shows “socket” as filetype, and not “directory”.
how can I rectify that ? I need the files from this “former” directory.

regards Helge

The same thing happens if you boot directly in QNX 4.25 from the hard disk?

when I boot directly from hard disk the boot process is interrupted at a very early stage saying “can not mount /dev/hd0t77 input/output error”.
I thought I just copy some important files to a new harddisk and throw the defective one away. unfortunately the files I need are in this “socket” directory.

btw a lot of directories and files look very much ok, so I think the damage on the hard disk is not a big one, and chances are I can recover the files I’m looking for.