Getting Startedw ith QNX

I am new to QNX development environment and have started off with ONX Momentics installed on my PC (Windows NT Host). However, to install the Neutrino OS on a target machine, the only option at this stage is another PC with Windows OS. I can boot that machine from Neutrino CD that I have. However, do I get the host and target to communicate. I read a Getting Started tutorial which assumes that the two PCs are on a Network. Is that the only option? Apprecaite if you have some ideas in mind or have tried soemthing different in the past.


You can use a virtual machine like VMWare, VirtualPC, etc to host QNX

Dear Mario,
Do you mean that I can install Neutrino OS on a Virtual Machine on the same host machine? I use Virtual Box, will try and see.


Check on foundry27, I think there was some mention of people getting QNX6 to run in VirtualBox.

I tried booting from the CD in a Virtual Machine environment. However, it just hangs with the follwoing message:
“Hit Esc for .altboot”.

I get the same message on a Windows NT machine when I try booting the machine from the NEutrino OS CD. However, a Windows Vista machine does boot from the same CD. Here, I am though not using VMWare