QNX C Programming

Hello Everyone,

How is QNX C program different to traditional C program? Is there a good reference or a manual that I can look at to start programming.

I finally got a host and a target communicating through an IP address and successfully tried out the “Getting Started with QNX in 10 steps” guide/tutorial.

I have been given a code written by X-engineer and found bits and pieces not in the C literature. The software resides on a X86 board and controls the data acquisition from a ADC.

I would appreciate if someone can direct me to a programming guide for QNX-C


The C language follow the C99 standard I believe, so I can’t get any more traditional then that ;-) There is also POSIX compliance, which provides a good set of functions as well. Next there are QNX only functions to get access to specific QNX feature.

Thanks for that. Could you please point me to a good reference for the QNX specific functions?


It’s all in the included documentation. There is a function list by type ( POXIX, Neutrino, etc)

Here is the reference manual:

qnx.com/developers/docs/6.3. … about.html

When you go into the specific function you’ll see the clasification. It could be QNX Neutrino, or ANSI, POSIX 1003.1.