I.MX31 image loaded but unable to run.. helps needed

I am trying to load the QNX image to the CSB733 board by using Micro-monitor. It is using I.MX31.


  1. Unable to see any message display on the hyperterminal…

uMon ( micro-monitor )

Load the bsp-freescale_i.mx31.ifs to the TFS file system,filename as bsp_mx31.ifs

uMon> xmodem -d -F bsp_mx31.ifs

copy the bsp_mx31.ifs to RAM address 0x8020000

uMon> tfs cp bsp_mx31.ifs 0x80200000

verify the contents at RAM address 0x8020000

uMon> dm 0x80200000

run from RAM

uMon> call 0x80200040 ( or 0x8020000 )??


  • Compile with Freescale i.MX31 BSP
  • enable all the services in the startup.bsh
  • RS232 driver is in the front of BSH but don’t see any message display
  • In the BSP , does it include IPL ? Do I need to modify the memory layout in the makefile?

please help… Thanks.

No IPL is included in the BSP. We’re using it on the Freescale ADS board which uses Redboot.

My Freescale ADS comes with uMon aka microMonitor, how do I replace it with Redboot?

Our ADS came with redboot, and it was documented as coming with redboot. Do you have the newer PDK or the older ADS?

Anyway, you have to download the reboot package from the freescale site and it comes with instructions for reinstalling IIRC.

We were very disappointed that QNX didn’t bother to include an IPL for the i.mx31 in their BSP.

I’m currently writing my own IPL for the i.MX31 PDK board although I have now reached the stage that I can successfully load and run QNX and everything works fine, except that upon executing any graphical application that utilises the MBX (3D hardware acceleration) core, I get the slog “MMU not Initialised!”. Has anyone had success yet in writing an IPL for the i.MX31 and got the MBX graphics accelerator running?