pterm: cannot execute ; Permission Denied

The image is working fine with the Photon Window Manager (pwm) running and showing a nice menu, but I’m not able to access any terminal or shutdown from the pwm.

I had used Momentics IDE 6.4.0 to build the image for x86 bios.

I tried to export the build file and modified it to
[data=copy +raw perms=+x] pterm
but when I import it back in the IDE, there’s no effect of perms attribute on the image.

The result is the same, pterm cannot execute.

The permissions of the binary in the IDE are all set, but still its not executable.

so How to provide execution permissions to pterm in the QNX Momentics IDE?

Are you certain that you rebuilt your image and that the pterm in the image is the one you included? What happens if you run the build (mkifs) with lots of additional verbosity (-vvvvvvvv) you should see the file being included in the image and the permission associated with it. You could also use dumpifs -vvvvv on the image once it is built.


yes, i first exported the build file from the ide, changed the permissions in the notepad and then inported the edited build file in the new QNX System Builder Project. When we try to run the build with lots of additional verbosity, it apparently has no effect on the permissions.
Moreover, if I try to change the permission, after the build, by chmod…it also gives an error.