Changing video driver at command line for photon

My Photon will hang on starting with 6.4. Looks like it is using wrong driver
by default. “ph -s” doesn’t give me anything. Can someone tell me the command line for changing video driver. I think I need to use dispconf but not sure. I see my video hardware with “pci” command but dispconf will not exept. 6.3.2 runs photon just fine. The display.conf file is not present in 6.3.2. I want to run 16bit VGA and I think using the “chips”

I have installed QNX 6.4 on a Geode GX500 board. I can boot to the login command prompt but as soon as I type “ph”
the screen looks to change video mode and goes blank but now I think video is ok. My keyboard is non-responsive. I am wondering if it is some input drivers. Tonight I will try to boot and run from CD.

Do you have another machine that you can network it with. Useful for debugging these scenario. Is the keyboard USB. Sucess rate with USB keyboard has been low for me.

The keyboard is PS2 and I have tried USB. Same results. I am bringing up other machine and I will be able to connect via network. Where should I start with debugging over network. I can start just about every service so no problem there. Should other machine be QNX hosted or Windows machine maybe running vmware. I also will move harddrive to other machine to test the installation and maybe isolate hardware issue.

Thanks for your support,

The other machine can be QNX inside vmware.

You will have to enable networking by creating the file /etc/system/config/useqnet (double check filename)

I have moved the harddrive to another PC and photon came up. I had the normal screen to select video properties
so I select vesa 64K and I was up and running. I moved hard drive back to problem system and now when I type “ph”
screen does not change but returns back with “io-display not running”. Seems like some of this is new to 6.4


I want to know haw can I change video resolution in QNX 6 (qnxrtp_rel_small.iso) cause when I installed it, just get 4 bit color on a generic vga adapter. It’s posible the existence of a driver for vmware, or in any case where I can see video adapters compatibility

To my knowledge there is no vmware driver for that version for QNX6 (6.0?), too old.