gcc backwards compatibility

I have an embedded system that is in a location that I can not easily get to but it does have ssh installed so that I can update the executables… This embedded machine is running qnx 6.3. My qnx 6.3 development machine took a dump and my install CD got misplaced, so I built a new machine and installed qnx 6.4 on it. My dev machine and embedded machine are the same architecture(x86).

so… my question is…

Will software compiled on qnx 6.4(gcc 4.2) run on a machine that has qnx 6.3 installed? I have not tried yet because I have been busy with other things… but I figured I’d post this question before I dive in.

Not, 6.4 binaries will not run under 6.3 because they are linked against libc.so.3


I have had some success running 6.4 binary on 6.3 by copying libc.so.3 on the 6.3 machine. However it was just for fun I would deploy any machine with that configuration, unsupported by QNX.

well… that library is under GPL so I don’t think they can legitimately tell you you can or cannot use it on previous versions… but it doesn’t really matter anyway because I found my 6.3 cd and am in the process of installing 6.3… thanx for the info though

I’m pretty sure nothing that is part of the runtime portion of QNX is GPL. It’s all proprietary. Some companies don’t want to included GPL product in their own product that makes QNX an interesting choice for such companies.