long-time puzzling problems of WLAN btw QNX and XP machine

Hi all,
I have two target installed with the QNX632, and one XP as the IDE machine. I started the Orinoco 802.11b PC card on
both of the QNX632 machines, and on the XP as well. configure them as the adhoc mode.
Then i tried to ping from one another. For the two qnx machines, with “nicinfo -r en1”, only the number of bytes
increased while the # of received pkts remained all the time.

Previously, the three could work fine but still failed to work well sometimes. Overall, it seems that this 3 nodes adhoc
network is somehow not robust. Would appreciate any ideas and suggestions.

P.S. : the Orinoco card on XP should be working just like a normal commercial 802.11b card(the led indicating the
network activity keeps flashing), while on qnx, the led just got fired after around 2 seconds, seems rather inactive.