QNX installation

My problem is that I’ve to make a work about QNX for the university, and I’ve not knowledge about it.
I need a installation manual and information about QNX: the step the threads, functions for control the threads execution, functions for the distribute communication (across queue and passing of message)…
I would like to learn how install this operative system, the partitions that I’ve to create and the type of this.

I don’t know speak English very well, please reply me with easy words.
thanks, I wait your answers.

You can download QNX 6.3 or 6.4 from the QNX website. You will need to burn it onto a CD to boot from. I suggest you use the self hosted version and put it on a dedicated computer if you can. It can be something old, like a Pentium 1 or 2. Once installed there is a very complete instruction manual which includes documentation about threads. There is a queue manager if you wish to use it, however the more direct method of communicating between threads in QNX is message passing. You will need some knowledge of the ‘C’ language to do any of this.

Ok, I’ve get ‘qnx-nc-621’ but before install it, I would like to know if to install QNX onto the hard disk I should create a specific partiton (fat32, ntfs…) or the installer have a system of partition.

It will create its own partition as long as therE is room for it.

Why don`t you use 6.4?

I don’t know… I see this version in the menu “QNX Downloads” and download it, I didn’t go the official page, so I didn’t know the latest version. :smiley: