ftp-ing a qnx 4.25 server

i have recently set up a
qnx ver 4.25
80486, 99 MHz, 1.3 GB HD, 10 MB NIC
dhcp or fixed IP adress, does not matter
server and it performs very well, very fast and so on, i can ping it from elsewhere with acceptable results, but when i ftp-it with MS IE oder QNX phFTP it takes 2-3 mins for a reply, after that acces is within normal response time.

has anyone got an idea where to search next to make the first response faster ?

regards Helge

why on earth did i set up such an old machine ?
because it has a hardware power-on-switch and therefore boots up after a power breakdown (frequently in our area) by itself !

Moreover : it sucks !

on the qnx4 box, as root
cd /etc
mv resolv.conf resolv.conf.bad-default

and you will be ok.

that worked perfectly well, thanks.

you must have known that before - or did you hack into my computer tonight ;-?