Login takes long time in QNX 6.3.0

When try to login in to QNX 6.3.0 by giving the credentials it takes long time to login.I’m using SSH via putty .How can i fix this??

Try putting your hosts into the hostfile /etc/hosts or remove host resolve on inbound connections.
May QNX tries to reverse lookup IPs to hosts, which can take quite long in a local network ^^.

Added entriy in hosts file but no use, How do i remove host resolve on inbound connection??

mh, not sure, there was something within the sysconfig, been a while.
But hosts-file should have done the trick. You did put both hosts in there? So your QNX-Host and your Local-Host, where you start your SSH-Client?

I do remember in one Installation QNX ignored our /etc/hosts, but i am not sure how we did solve this.

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Had any one faced this issue?? How can this be resolved??

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Waiting for responses…

What happens if you login locally?

When i login locally it goes fine …It took few seconds to login…

But when i try logging in using putty or any other ssh tools it takes long time …

A few seconds locally? It’s seems too long.

Are you behind a proxy? Are you cennecting via IP or via hostname?


Is your putty machine on the same IP network as your QNX machine? Are you entering an IP address in putty or doing a name resolve?

I have a hosts file that looks like:

Host Database

127.1 localhost.localdomain localhost
::1 localhost.localdomain localhost

and from my windows machine I can connect using SSH / putty in less than 1 second.

Both my Windows and QNX machines are on the same (corporate) ip network:


Note: I am manually entering the IP address in putty, I am not trying to connect via a name resolve.


Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Even i have the same Hosts database file and i tried connecting using the IP address also, But it doesn’t work … Also both server and client are on same IP network range,Could you please suggest me how can i proceed further…???


You should install Wireshark on your Windows PC and tcpdump on your QNX machine.

Then start those programs filtering only for IP traffic from your Windows/QNX box.

Then do the putty connection. That will at least let you see which side (windows or QNX) is the slow machine.

One last thing. This QNX box you are connecting to. Is there anything running on it or is it just sitting there doing nothing? The daemons for handling putty/ssh aren’t running at high priority so if your QNX machine is busy that could easily explain any delay in responding.


Hi Tim,

The problem seems to be with server as I’m able to login to other QNX server with out any issues.

This QNX server used by developers for compiling and other stuff,so its not sitting ideally. How do i check and set the priority for the daemons related to putty/ssh?


The Daemon you probably want is inetd. This daemon normally listens for telnet/ftp requests and spawns the appropriate program when an incoming connection starts.

On my system it’s running a priority 10, the normal user priority. Check your system and if it’s also running at priority 10 try increasing it to 11.