Jump To Definition (F3 Hotkeys) not working

Hi all,

you know how important/usefull the “Jump To Definition” / F3 hotkey is.

I have some problem that in my Momentics IDE (Version: 4.0.1), the hotkey is not working in some projects. I have two project currently on my navigator. For the smaller project, it works perfectly, but for the bigger one somehow it does not work.

Can someone give a hint how can i fix the problem? This little problem is kinda frustating.


Try upgrading to IDE 4.5.0.

Make sure include path are set properly and I always use Indexer in Full mode.


updating is also a problem for me since it always fails altough i have set the HTTP proxy correctly.
It always says:

Network connection problems encountered during search.
Unable to access “http://update.eclipse.org/updates/3.2”.
Unable to access site: “http://update.eclipse.org/updates/3.2” [Connection timed out: connect]
Unable to access site: “http://update.eclipse.org/updates/3.2” [Connection timed out: connect]

Is there anyway in Momentics to find out what was the problem with the Indexer? Is there any log file or something where all problems and errors of the IDE during run time are stored?

just download the complete package from qnx

Its not that its a problem that you can fix, it`s just that the new cdt that comes with 4.5 is better, and the one with the 4.6.0 beta is even better although still not perfect