sound apps in qnx6.2.1

Hi,does anyone know of a set of sound appz for qnx preferrably mp3 players and midi/audio multitrack recorders?I ntend on making a flash rom based digital piano and need these appz for qnx…hnit:jazz++ for qnx photon gui version

There is killerAudio for mp3 playback.

thanks,I got it today.Do need midi recording/playback in multitrack mode.In windows it is easy,qnx is swapless so…it should work better,faster. :wink:

Something like Home Studio ?

This will be a HUGE project with sadly too few customers to make
it viable …


yes but more like JAZZ++ for linux/winNT.Would the source compile in QNX?I wonder… :unamused:

it seems to be done with wxWindow … which AFAIK do not run on QNX … maybe it
could be compiled for xPhoton on QNX ? :question:

tahnks for the info.wxWindows??Where can I get this OS?Is it free for non commercial use?Jazz++ uses OSS sound and tru mpu401 drivers,and motif(lesstif)graphics so it should be possible to compile if qnx supports OSS and true(direct roland hardware)mpu401 and of course lesstif/motif

wxWindows is not an OS, it is similiar to lesstif/motif, qt, gtk, etc.

lesstif/motif has been ported to QNX for quite some time. Check the 3rd party CD.

Good luck on your port.

Is there any player that has Equalizer feature in it?