QNX files manipulation

Hello guys, I am totally new with QNX, in our company we bought an equipment with a DiskOnChip 2000 flash memory and it has QNX 4 OS installed with some routine applicactions running. I need to manipulate files (copy, erase, move) from this flash memory to another one. My major problem is that one of those memories is blocked because the users file is corrupt. Is there some tool that let me do this from some Windows or Linux OS? or some QNX Live cd that let me read, move and copy files to another devices?

Thanks a lot for your help…

Sorry for my stupid question… I already understud that QNX is an Linux based OS, and that I just need to install it like any other Linux distribution.

You could try the QNX6 CD but I`m not sure if it comes with a DiskOnChip driver.

For your information QNX is not linux based. It may look like it but it`s definitely not based on it.