need Help, How to access to every contain !!

Hi Guys,
As in the picture below, i have some contains(in my project 60 contains)and i need to know how can i access to every one of them and change for example the color if there is any connection to a server.

The exercice consists on developing an IPC (The Client should be Graphic).
when there is a connection between server and client the color of the contain should be changed to Green, if not , the color should be red.

Can u help me plz?
thx in Advance

This is very basic stuff that is very well covered in the documentation.

do someone have any idea?

Hi mario, i really dont ask any question if i didn´t search for it before, so u don´t need to give such Answers, if u can´t help.

Mario provides a lot of useful help via this free forum. He, like a lot of us old timers, are becoming a bit tired of answering the most basic and fundamental questions.
As Mario says, the issues you ask about are covered in the Photon documentation. Please do the appropriate research. If there is something you do not then understand ask more specific questions. Do your homework, just like we had to do!