Geode GX533 video driver

I´m using QNX 4.25G in a geode GX, but the maximum video resolution I can get with the gr.vga driver is 640x480.

My application need at least 800x600 for real resolution. Is there any driver for QNX windows that I could use?


Does the crttrap file doesnt have any content for Pg.svga or Pg.flat?
Sometimes the graphic hardware doesnt like the switching of the graphical resolution using the Photon tool.
Then you must edit the crt.$NODE manually.

Unfortunately I don´t have a Photon License, just QNX windows runtime.

I thought that toward the end of the QNX Windows active support that things were fixed so that it could use Photon drivers. Am I wrong about that? There certainly were drivers for Qnx Windows to get 800x600 but I can see where there might not be any modern cards supported.

I’m not sure about the support of Photon drivers in qnx windows. But, I don’t know how to have access to that files without a Photon license.

Thank you everybody. I have solved the problem using scitech drivers.