Question for QNX4.25 Install and Develop

Hi All:

Recently I need to develop USB driver under QNX4.25.
I didn’t have license for QNX4.25 yet, and I heard that QNX4.25 RTOS does not include IDE inside it.

What should I need for the process developing?

  1. QNX 4.25 RTOS?
  2. QNX 4.25 IDE?
  3. USB DDK?

Thank you.

There’s no IDE for QNX 4 like the one in QNX 6. You do need the USB DDK. You should contact your representative about a development license and to obtain the USB DDK.

I got it,
Thank you!

May I ask you what kind of USB driver you are developing?
My company uses still using QNX4 and I’m always intersted in supported hardware.