Compact flash, QNX and Mips processor

Hi Folks,

We’re thinking of using a compact flash disk to store our QNX image on a MIPS based processor. This design does not have an IDE interface.

Does anyone know if the devb-eide driver can operate in memory mapped mode for compact flash?

I.e. give devb-eide the address of the CF card, and let it do it’s funky thing?

All help appreciated


If you want to use CF card in memory mapped area you might need a special devb-eide version since the normally delivered one doesn’t support 36bit addresses which you might need.
Pls ask QNX for this, they made it even for us on our support contract and it should be available now.

Then you could simply do something like (as here on the xxs1500 board with AMD Au1500):

dev-cf //special cf-slot enabler
devb-eide eide ioport=0xf00000000,irq=80050004,noslave
______________________36 bit_______depends on your hw

then wait for /dev/hd0 and /dev/hd0t6 or whatever appears
it may take a while!


mount -t dos /dev/hd0t6 /mnt/cf

and then it should work… ;-)