which c function can detect the io-net exits?

sometimes in my qnx system (pc/104 x86)the io-net will exits,I can catch the reason,so I want to use one function to monitor it if the io-net exits,when it happen I can restart the io-net process,Which function can do it?

sorry,I can’t get the reason why io-net exits.

check the ham_* functions from the HAM - Using the High Availability Manager chapter

I wonder if you could give me a example to use ham,:slight_smile:

Stop wondering, i cannot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I did not yet use it yet, but it was sure interessting to read ^^

Personally I’d try to figure out why io-net is exiting (Have you used sloginfo to check the system logs. Have you used dumper to see if its crashing) and then fix the underlying problem rather than masking it with the HAM manager.

I’ve never seen io-net exit unexpectedly on any of our x86 PC104 boards or our x86 PC’s that we use.


I had used dumper and get one io-net.core,using gdb can’t open it,oh


gdb should be able to open it but I doubt you’ll get much useful information from the dump file (probably all ???). That’s because io-net is compiled in optimized mode and also because you don’t have the source (unless you downloaded it from source forge and rebuilt io-net yourself).

It’s merely important enough to know that a core file was created because that tells you it exited abnormally. What kind of ethernet chipset does your PC104 board have on it and what driver are you using?


I think like Tim, is not a good idea to mask the problem, but BTW you can write a simple script which checks that io-net is running.

Something like…


echo “io-net starting again !!! :frowning: what’s wrong?”
sleep 1
io-net -p tcpip -p qnet -d …


Is it right?I can’t find which checks that io-net is running.