Error starting remote application

Hi all,
I am using QNX Momentics on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 8.10), and the x86-linux-gcc as a cross-compiler.
I successfully cross-compile my software(driver+application) to remote QNX6.3.2 target machine(installed on a Lippert Cool Front Runner PC104 board) from the Linux machine. Then I have no problem in running the QNX driver remotely, but when I try to run the application (which is a client of the QNX driver), it fails with the error below. Has anyone got any ideas on why would the driver run remotely, but not the application?

Error starting remote application. Target launcher@localhost:8000: Error Can’t access shared library
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Error Can’t access shared library

This means you have a linked library in your application, which is not present at your target system itself.

But from the launcher@localhost:8000 i wonder if your target is set to localhost, which would then not be your remote QNX but your Linux itself.

Thank you very much for being interested micro. Yes, you’re right, the err msg “Can’t access shared library” is the key point here. But since the application is linked to the static shared library and then executed, I cannot figure out why would it not be able to find it at the target.
By the way, I am sure my target is set to the remote Lippert card within the LAN because I use the same QConn configuration to download code for both the driver, which succeeds, and the linked application, which fails.

Problem solved. I noticed that I forgot to change the target environment variable in .bashrc to qnx. Therefore, whole application source code was being compiled for Linux, not qnx, and the linked library was of course unreachable. Sorry for bothering, it was a careless mistake of me.