Realtec ALC658 (AC97) Soundcard support

My Realtek soundchip ALC658 (AC97) does not work with the QNX (6.2) Intel First I thought that this ship is not support by this driver but there could not be a many difference because Linux alsa sounddriver “i8x0â€

Depends, I am able to use that driver on my ICH4 (ac97) chipset using the i8x0 driver after hacking it to support my PCI device ID using spatch.

you can find your pci id using the ‘pci’ utility.

very bad instructions, but I wrote that page up way to quick :slight_smile:
just ask here again if you have more questions

Thank you for your Tipp. I have tried to chance The process is not a problem, but I do not know what to change because I do not know nor Vendor or Device ID of the original board. My Realtek board has the Intel Vendor ID 8086 and the Device ID 24c5. Are you able to tell me which HEX-number I have to change? I am sorry but I am a really beginner in debuging. :frowning:

You should be able to follow the exact instructions on that page then, it’s the same devid as on mine.
I’ll try to update that page… sometime… to be more friendly and descriptive

Goodluck again :slight_smile:

Thank you, “phearbear” now the soundcard work fine. :smiley:

I wonder because I tought that this sounddevice PCI-ID 24C5 was suport by QNX (see supported Hardware page) but there was no HEX entry in the file found. Is that a bug? :question: