install qnx into usb hard drive

I want to know is it possible to install QNX into a USB HDD directly from QNX installation CD. I tried but it seems after booting from the QNX installation CD the installer cannot see my USB HDD.

To achieve this, do I need to build my own boot image for the USB HDD and then copy the file system over and how do I know I don’t miss anything and have the same outcome like install from a QNX installation CD?


QNX CD isnt design to install on USB devices. You need to install in normal HD, then create a boot image that supports USB (done that before so its possible), then customize and copy stuff you need onto the USB HDD which is basicaly everything that will be on the “real” hd. Not for the beginner.

Haven’t tried this myself, but I happened notitce the standard 6.4.0 image has devb-umass include, I wonder it is possible now.