Event generated for insertion of PC Card (USB Mass storage)

Hi All,
I am new to QNX environment and working on embedded device. Which has PC Card interface for storage purpose. I am working using Momentics 6.4 version and wants to know what really happens after insertion of PC Card(devb-umass) to embedded device???
What is the name of event or interrupt generated during insertion. Which system calls are called ??

The insertion triggers a hardware interrupt. The driver for the Card interface wakes up, reads configuration information and based on a configuration file decides what additional drivers to launch.

  Thanks for the reply.

How to handle and capture hardware interrupt in QNX6.0 and since i mentioned PC card is nothing but standard usb stograge device then can you please let me know what is the name configuration file and its path in QNX ???
Can you please provide me any sample code for detection of PC Card.

You don’t want to capture the hardware interrupt unless you are writing your own PC card driver. I don’t know the name of the configuration file, I just recall the one from QNX 4. Do however take a look at the file /etc/umass.cfg. Also you might want to prowl around in /etc/system/enum. The PC Card driver source should be available, and it will demonstrate how the PC Card is detected.